What is Oil Pulling and Oil Swishing? | A Natural Detox

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Oil Pulling: A Natural Detox with Many Benefits

Natural detox, natural body detox, oil pullingHave you been looking for a good way to cleanse your body of all the built up toxins with a natural detox? Maybe you have tried a natural detox before and still have not found the right one. Oil pulling is a popular natural detox that has many benefits.

Oil pulling is a traditional Indian folk remedy created by Dr. Karach. It is when you take about a tablespoon of sesame or sunflower oil or another type of oil and swish it in your mouth. You would generally keep it in your mouth for about fifteen to twenty minutes. The oil should also never be swallowed. This act should be performed only on an empty stomach. You can do this for up to three times a day if you wish. If you are allergic to any particular oil you may use a different type but the results may not be as effective. Oil pulling is considered a natural detox because the oil pulls saliva, which contains microorganisms within the body. By the end of the session, you are spitting out bacteria and other toxic waste from your body.

There are many benefits to the oil pulling natural detox. Some include shiny teeth, healthy gums, and softer skin. By “swishing” the oil around in your mouth, many nutrients will automatically be absorbed into the body. This natural detox will also give you Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C. You will get iron, copper and magnesium. In some cases, oil pulling may improve one’s skin. Oil pulling also increases your body’s natural metabolism. The process on average takes about six to eight weeks to start getting the full effects.

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